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School Facilities and Resources
Laboratories: The School has well equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories where each child gets an opportunity to discover for himself/herself the truth behind science. The children are encouraged to innovate new projects and these projects form a part of assessment too.
Computer Laboratory: Realizing the importance of the boom in information technology in the present day scenario, the School has equipped itself with a good computer lab. It aims to create computer literacy among the students to make them ready to face the challenges of the information age in the new millennium.       
Fully qualified computer teachers assist the students and all efforts are made to teach various subjects through the medium of computers. The students' knowledge is expanded with the help of the Internet. They are exposed to the developments and advancements made in the field of information technology on a regular basis.
Audio-Visual Aids: The teaching and learning process is reinforced with the assistance of audio-visual aids like maps, models, ordinary projectors, television and video. Educational videos are screened regularly to the students on various subjects.
Library: The School has well stocked library that caters to the thirst of knowledge of the younger minds. It has books and encyclopedias on all subjects. A library period is allotted to every class and books are also issued for study at home. Text books are supplied by the School at the beginning of the academic year.

Medical Checkup: A regular medical checkup is done in every session to ensure the proper growth of the child. The parents are made aware of the results of these checkups and suggestions to overcome any problem are given.
Parent-Teacher Meetings: A close link is established with parents through regular Parent-Teacher meetings conducted during the academic sessions. Parents who are the eternal teachers to their children, are invited to give in their suggestions for any improvement they feel is necessary. The parents interact with the teachers to find out shortcomings of their wards and try to arrive at remedial measures to be undertaken.