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Subjects Offered
Primary Level: At the Primary Level, from Class I to V, English is a compulsory language to be studied. For a second language, an option is available between Hindi and French. Russian language is compulsory for Grades IV and V. The other subjects to be studied are Maths, Environmental Science and Computer Science. Under the non-scholastic areas, children are introduced to Art Education, Music, Craft and Physical Education.
Secondary Level: English is compulsory from Class VI to X. An option is given between Hindi and French as a second language. Russian language has to be studied as a compulsory subject from Class VI to IX. Other than the three languages, students study Maths, Science, Social Science and Computer Science. They are expected to get qualifying grades in Drawing and Painting, Music and Physical Education, besides the compulsory subjects.
Higher Secondary Level: The children can choose any one the two streams offered by the School - Science or Humanities on Grades XI and XII. They are to take one compulsory language and three electives.
Besides these subjects, the students are to obtain qualifying grades in General Studies, Computer Science, Work Experience and Physical Education.
Science Stream:
English Core - compulsory
Electives: Hindi Core or French or Maths, Economics or Biology
Physics and Chemistry
Humanities Stream:
English Core - compulsory
Electives: Hindi Core or French, History, Geography and Economics